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2017 Vacation Dates

These are my upcoming days off.  You can also find the most recent and accurate versions of these on the “Vacation Dates” tab on my front page.



January 18 – 21

March 4 – 7

April 29 – May 3

June 26 – July 1

August 18 – 22

October 14 – 22

December 2 – 6

Good Morning

Well my fellow Pet lovers storm season is rapidly approaching. As it approaches please keep the safety of your fur kids in mind. Please make sure everyone is chipped and registered. Fur kids panic during storms and their first instinct is to run away from them. Millions of fur kids are lost and not recovered during storms. Please take the time to make sure your information is updated and that your fur kids are microchipped. If your fur kid has gotten loose please check the shelters. Fur kids have been know to travel many miles when they are scared. Please make sure to check all the local shelters. Good Luck during the storm season. Be safe and keep them safe.

Vacation in May

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that we will not be available May 14th-18th. Sorry for any inconvenience but as you all know we take very few days off.

Thank you,

Donna Zangaro


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